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Custom Sink Top Cover

Regular price $80.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $80.00 USD

One of our most popular kitchen decor pieces with customization!

Create more counter space,  or hide those dishes in the sink! This sink cover allows for either while looking elegant and classy. Hand painted Sink cover, stained in your favorite stain color. Cut to the size of approximately 28x19. 

All artwork is sent to you for review/approval before we paint. 

Hardware is standard. 


  • please add family name, initials, or quote to the Quote/Family Name field

(for custom sizes, please send us an email at

Please note: 

  • This should not be used as a cutting board
  • It is not fireproof
  • Please wait until stove top is cool before placing cover on
  • When cleaning, use slightly damp cloth to wipe down.  

Our covers are made from real wood! We love the natural beauty of wood, and as such, our pieces may include natural imperfections such as knots, grain lines, small cracks, and holes. Hand making our product may ultimately include some of these, which as a result may differ from a previous picture/display you have seen of the product.